States exhibit 15 skew labelled

On the night of May 5th 1993, the WMPD got a call from the Bojangles restaurant. The complaint was that an African-American male had entered, covered in blood and mud had appeared to be confused. The report stated that the man had gotten blood and feces on the floor of the women's restroom and there was blood on the walls from his arm.

The restaurant was a mile away from where the children were found, and the call came in at 8:42. The man was never identified or found therefore he was dubbed Mr. Bojangels.

The WMPD took blood scrapings, but the scrapings were lost some how and never recovered. It has been speculated that "Mr. Bojangles" could be responsible for the murders. A hair belonging to a person of African decent was found at the crime scene, but since the blood samples from the walls were lost, there is no way to know if the hair is from the same person.

The defense used the theory of Mr. Bojangles in their arguments.